Waiting for Tonight

31 May

SoHo Fire Escape. Photo by DMT

New York City is just around the corner – only 11 days till lift off [and landing]!

As I sift through my incredibly long list of “Things I Want to Do” and work on outlining a tentative schedule for plans, I can feel my heart pounding and my pulse racing just thinking about what it will be like to finally be in New York City!

I imagine it will feel a bit like coming home.  How I can “come home” to a city that I’ve only once visited, I’m not sure, but that’s what it feels like right now.

I’ll arrive on Saturday afternoon, and make my way to my home base for the trip, The Jane.  Hopefully, D. will be able to meet me along the way, but if not, I’m sure I’ll do just fine following his detailed directions, and relying on the kindness of strangers, if need be.  Saturday afternoon is wide open to possibilities, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing – it’s probably best to be flexible, since travel has a way of messing up even the best laid plans!

On Sunday morning, my plan is to rise early and enjoy a peaceful breakfast at The PATH Cafe in the West Village.  After breakfast, I plan to head over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the 10:00 am mass.  I may be a “recovering Catholic,” but I can’t wait to experience the history, architecture, and beautiful choral music at this iconic NYC landmark.  Sunday afternoon may entail a personal tour of the city, courtesy of my good friend, D, if his schedule works out. My backup plan is to visit Central Park and take the “Arts and Architecture Tour” of the park – the city has provides a map and an audio guide, which I have already downloaded!  Sunday evening, I might head over to Tom Soter’s Sunday Night Improv and catch the 8:00 pm show.

5th Avenue Store - photo by Apple

My Monday plans involve visiting the Apple Retail Stores on 5th Avenue and in SoHo!  I’m so excited to have a chance to take a look at these stores “up close and personal!” I’m a little disappointed that I’ll miss the June 8 discussion with filmmaker Ahmed Ahmed and the demonstration of the “Lucky Peach” app by famed Momofuku chef, David Chang.  I’m slowly but surely learning that you can’t do it all.

Tuesday is my Museum Day!  I plan to visit MoMA during the day, and attend the 33rd Annual Museum Mile Festival that evening.  As an added bonus, a few former students who have relocated from Michigan to Manhattan might join me that evening!

Wednesday is an open day – right now.  I might check out Brooklyn and then again, I might just follow my bliss and do whatever catches my fancy that day.  Who knows?

As far as food goes, J. has armed me with a list of possibilities that would keep me busy for at least three months, so I’m just going to remain flexible and see what I feel like trying depending on where I’m at in the city!

Now I only have to wait eleven more nights for the adventure to begin!

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