4 Jan

Fulton Subway entrance. Photo by DMT.

Once again, reality trumps idealism.

Call me naive, but I thought snow storms in New York City would be less….well, just less than storms in Michigan.

What was I thinking?

A week and a half ago, New York was hit by a major blizzard and for a few days the city ground to a halt.  Bus, subway, and train services were cut off as workers shoveled the streets and tracks to no avail.

Parked Cars. Photo by DMT

The airports shut down, leaving at least one study abroad student from my college [and hundreds of thousands of other travelers] stranded for several days.

Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by DMT

And yet, my daring, adventurous friend, D., found a way to turn the inclement weather conditions into another amazing photo shoot!  I’m sharing his pictures, but I don’t have much in the way of commentary since I’ve not actually been in NYC during a snow storm.

Snowbound on John & William Streets. Photo by DMT.

All I can say is that in all of its seasonal incarnations – New York City is beautiful!

Nassau Street. Photo by DMT

One Year to Move soundtrack


4 Responses to “Snow”

  1. Kelly January 4, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Ok Mary, your story made me chuckle out loud this time! The fact that you didn’t think NY got that much snow is kind of funny. When I think of any of the northeastern cities in the winter I always think of thick, heavy, grimy snow. I actually get a little jealous of all the snow that I envision in that part of the country (but I am weird that way).

    The pictures that your friend took are great! It is cool to see a different view from the one the media gives us.

    I hope you had a great holiday break ~ happy 2011!



    • Mary January 4, 2011 at 11:47 am #

      And you just made me laugh out loud, Kelly! You live in a part of the country where the snowfall seems beautiful!! Then again, there was that whole “bone chilling wind” thing a few weeks ago, and I was not out shoveling in it.

      I feel compelled to explain that it wasn’t that I thought that NYC didn’t get a lot of snow, it’s that I thought they’d have a system in place to clear it out a lot faster! Alas, it seems that a city is still a city! [Added later: Okay, I’ll admit that I also thought they would get less snow than the midwest. Although, we’ve gotten next to nothing this year, so getting less would be quite a feat!]

      When I move there, you can come visit during the snowy season and maybe that will cure the jealousy? Or maybe the grass is just always greener… *laughs*

      I’m glad you like the pictures! D. always takes the most amazing shots, and captures “life in the city” in creative ways. I’m really lucky to have my own personal city photographer who illustrates my blog writing!

      I had a nice relaxing holiday break, and am now back in full swing again! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season – and are warm and dry out there in the west!

      Happy 2011 to you, too! Thank you so much for continuing to read the blog!


  2. DMT January 4, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    New York really doesn’t get too much snow, in the city anyway. It seems like we get one or two snowfalls a year, but rarely one like this. For this reason, the city is really ill-prepared to deal with a snowfall of this magnitude. It makes it really fun for a person like me, who doesn’t drive or have to rely on public transportation – I am within walking distance from work – but it becomes a major annoyance for the people who need to drive or take buses/trains to work.

    For some reason it’s entertaining for me to see, like in the photo of John & William Streets, all of these people stuck in the snow with their Cadillacs, Jaguars and Masaratis. God bless Mother Nature, the great equalizer.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos!


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